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So here I’m like, Well hey Ace those are some really wise words!

Then I realize that he’s camping in the middle of the hallway.



I thought it was really interesting that Alice doesn’t actually like her normal, day-to-day dress. She mentioned a couple times in the beginning that she likes simpler clothes, and only really wears her outfit because Lorina (unknowingly) forces it on Alice with her expectations.

So I think Alice likes the simple-cut and sexy dresses


Blood has good taste in fashion. I really like that dress too.

And it’s perfectly natural for girls to discover what they like and don’t like. It’s part of learning who you really are and what you, yourself (not other people) prefer. It’s about making yourself happy, and not the world, because frankly, the world doesn’t give two shits about your happiness in life. So, giving yourself satisfaction is an important part of living.

However, because Alice associates “sexuality” with the Bad Girl Image, she doesn’t like that she’s attracted to this fashion. While being sexual is neither inherently good nor bad, Alice percieves that it is something to be ashamed of and hidden away. Remember, she’s from a respectable, moderately wealthy family in society and her idol is Lorina, who is dressed from head to toe in frilly, puffy clothes that leave everything to the imagination (looking like an overstuffed shepherdess in the process). She shouldn’t be attracted to these clothes, yet she is.

And Alice doesn’t like that she’s attracted. She wants to please her sister, not find her own preferences.

Ultimately, she’s hindering her own growth by being stubborn and clinging to Lorina’s ideal, while at the same time never actively trying to reach that ideal and becoming perfect herself.

So, she deprecates herself for never trying to be perfect, yet never moves to become perfect, and so insults herself again for never trying. It’s a vicious cycle of self-punishment.

Alice in the heart otome game app walthrough: Blood route 100% CG


Alright, so I made a complete walkthrough for Blood’s route in tabular format, trying to list every choice for getting all the ends in the most compact form possible. Tumblr refused to cooperate with the table so I’m posting the link to my blogspot instead. Hope this helps!

HNKNA Screenshotdump: Boris Airay


Boris’s screenshotdump gets posted first, as requested! Same concepts as all the others- a bunch of screenshots from the game and commentary to go along with it. Keep in mind that I tend to skip over events that happen in every route in these- Nightmare’s parts in particular. I might make a screenshotdump for those later, though.

(There’s, uh, a little more cursing in this one than in the others. It’s my fault, not Boris’s. Fair warning.)

Spoilers to be had beneath the cut!

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This is the most dysfunctional couple i have ever played in an otome game….and i loved them! Plus, Blood is a freaking sex machine, i don’t know how Alice can keep up with him. Also, whoever is the seyuu, he did a great job.

Kitty heaven for y’all~
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Kitty heaven for y’all~



Same as always. This time for Vivaldi! (This is it for today’s screenshotdumps, folks.)

Spoilers under the cut.

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Comedian duo


How Blood actually makes dirty jokes/insults instead of the forced ‘carrot dick’ crap SS tries to force on him